PrazeMe has two different licensing models for you to choose from.

Personal is geared towards the very small company or a manager working in a larger company that doesn't really provide adequate resources in house. An example is startup business with just a few employees or a small lawn company with just a few guys. We also have government employees that prefer our system for writing their appraisals.

Enterprise is our license that contains the full feature set of our system. This is useful for larger business and for managers who want to be able to tailor the system. Our system works for VSE's (very small entities) all the way up to fortune 100 companies.
Pricing is very simple for the Personal edition. $5/month for each employee you want to access the system. Pricing for the enterprise license is based on the number of licenses you need. You may contact us to request a custom quote. We offer discounts to non-profits.

Personal Enterprise
Monthly price $5/user Contact Us
Get started easily
Includes free updates and new features as they become available
No software to install — sign up online in moments
Free online management training guides and resources
Limited to 5 employees
Concierge employee setup.
Primary system features
Unlimited Flexible Employee Reviews. Annual,quarterly or per project. You decide
Unlimited Continuous Feedback Recording
Set and manage goals per employee
Manager heirarchy
Supervisor management. To allow for multiple "managers" for employees. Great for project workers.
Customizable libraries for employee assessments
Advanced reporting
Stay protected and get support
Free email support
Data is stored in a secured Microsoft data center
Free trial
Free trial available Get Started
(No Credit card)
* You can write assessments for (5 if personal, unlimited with Pro) number of subordinates, but pricing is per user. Example: If you have 5 employees and you are the only one using PrazeMe, you only need one license. If your employees want to write assessments as well or access the system, each of them would also need a license. Basically, each person needs a license to login and do anything. Questions, just reach out to us.