Limited time prices for Q4 2017

  • Personal Yearly Subscription
    Great for small business owner or team lead
  • $ 5 /month/user*
  • Unlimited Assessments
  • Unlimited Feedback
  • Unlimited Development Goals
  • 5* Employees/Co-workers
  • 5 Assessment Report Styles
  • 16 Areas to Evaluate
  • Free Trial (No Credit card)
  • Pro Edition - Yearly Subscription
    Great for medium sized companies or people who need to customize their appraisals.
  • $ 8 month/user*
  • Personal Edition Features +
  • Unlimited* Employees/Co-workers
  • 16 initial Areas to Evaluate plus
  • Ability to customize all topics and questions and add your own topics and questions.
  • Free Trial (No Credit card)
* You can write assessments for (5 if personal, unlimited with Pro) number of subordinates, but pricing is per user. Example: If you have 5 employees and you are the only one using PrazeMe, you only need one license. If your employees want to write assessments as well or access the system, each of them would also need a license. Basically, each person needs a license to login and do anything. Questions, just reach out to us.