A little about us

Located in Tampa, FL for the best human resource management software

We created our software to fulfill needs of managers and supervisors everywhere.

Yearly, semi-annually, quarterly, we had to perform employee assessments, appraisals, personnel reviews, 360 reviews, etc. Whatever they decided to call them at the moment. What to say? How to be fair to each employee and have some sort of standard?

Writing professionally and especially determining key characteristics to write about can be demanding. There are a lot of small business owners that need to perform employee performance reviews and figuring out a fair system is daunting. In comes PrazeMe. We decided it was time for a low cost high quality system that the average person could afford to save them time and headaches.

PrazeMe was started 10 years ago as an internal desktop product. We just ported it to the web with a lot of redesign and the goal of making managers life a lot easier. Our cloud based performance review system works on mobile, tablet and desktop products.

So, here we are. We hope you find this a useful tool in your arsenal of time-saving programs.

Now you can do standardized assessments/appraisals of your personnel/employees/co-workers in an easy to follow, interview based manner without the guess work of what to say. Of course, you can always add your own words or tweak the statements we provide for you.

We are a business consulting and software development firm that has been around since 2001. Feel free to contact us with any praise or comments or suggestions. We listen.

We are not a large corporation and we care and have a passion for making the best! Feedback is very much appreciated.

PrazeMe is a Seekford Solutions, Inc. product.