Employee Performance Management and PrazeMe


  • PrazeMe utilizes a straight forward common approach to performance management
  • A common approach ensures all reviews help establish goals and objects that align with your company's strategic objectives
  • The process of feedback ensures you the opportunity to clarify job responsibilities, expectations and priorities and achieve a high level of success
  • PrazeMe utilizes a common and consistent approach to your review process


  • In order to achieve success, great leaders need to practice effective performance management.
  • Supports a culture of high performance and accountability which helps attract, develop and retain the most talented and productive employees to drive success
  • Consistent and transparent
  • Enables the manager to know the skill and gauge the talent of the workers to better leverage their knowledge and skills and help create a competitive advantage.

How does this help me?

  • Performance management supports the alignment of employee efforts toward the strategy of the organization
  • Frequent feedback helps improve performance which overall improves the organization as a whole.
  • Employees that demonstrate the important values set forth in their reviews help achieve higher and more sustainable results
  • Employees gain greater satisfaction from seeing their efforts understood and documented