List of all the topics available in the Assessment

PrazeMe Performance Management system allows you to rate your employees/personnel on the following topics:

Reports to work as scheduled. Follows call-in procedures. Requests and uses leave appropriately. On time for meetings, and functions.
Budget Control
Controls operating costs by effectively utilizing staff, material, and equipment. Contributes to planning by providing comprehensive justification for budgetary requests. Ability to show return on investment for new projects. Looks for ways to reduce expenses.
Ability to communicate verbally, and in writing in a clear, and concise manner. Completes reports, and forms accurately. Able to understand verbal, and written instructions. Provides constant communication to supervisors, and peers.
Creativity And Innovation
Rate employees overall skills in providing innovations, and new ideas.
Customer Service
Maintains courtesy, and diplomacy with internal/external customers. Always available to respond to customers needs. Prevents unnecessary delays for customers. Listens effectively. Provides follow-up as needed.
Decision Making
Demonstrates good judgment when handling routine problems. Analyzes decisions before implementing them. Has the ability to work under pressure. Recognizes deficiencies, and seeks help when appropriate.
Can be counted on to complete projects, and assignments with minimal supervision, in a timely manner. Meets or exceeds assigned goals, and deadlines. Makes sound decisions. Creates little, or no rework. Adapts willingly to change.
Interpersonal Skills
Develops and maintains professional working relationships. Talks openly with others. Shares information with other departments, and co-workers. Provides positive feedback to peers, and/or subordinates.
Job Knowledge
Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of job duties, equipment, and appropriate work methods. Applies knowledge of skills to produce quality work. Attends seminars, or additional training classes to enhance required skills.
Leadership Qualities
Fosters, and encourages support from department to accomplish objectives. Promotes respect, honesty, integrity, and fairness to all. Resolves conflict quickly and fairly.
Adheres to priorities, and deadlines. Follows through on assignments. Produces neat, accurate, and thorough work. Documentation is up to date, and in order. Keeps work area clean, and organized.
Performance Against Goals
Meets, or exceeds company and departmental goals. Actively monitors performance of goals throughout the appraisal period. Sets new goals that are realistic, and achievable. Provides suggestions for new goals.
Problem Solving
Able to isolate, and define problems. Participates constructively in group problem solving. Finds innovative, and improved ways of doing things.
Performs amount of work expected. Utilizes available resources, and tools to complete work. Consults with supervision when deadlines cannot be met. Requests assistance when needed.
Produces consistent quality work. Brings quality issues to the attention of management along with possible solutions. Promotes quality through actions, and encourages others to produce quality work as well. Adheres to quality procedures, and standards.
Actively participates in, and supports all safety methods, policies, and procedures. Maintains a neat, and organized work station. Corrects safety issues immediately, and/or brings safety issues to the immediate attention of management.

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