How to give employees feedback for their performance review

Feedback is important and should be a give and take relationship. It is important to foster a culture that values and provides feedback on a continuous basis. You want to provide it immediately or as soon as it makes sense, not wait months before letting them know your thoughts. To be a good leader, you also need to make sure you receive feedback. A great leader is surrounded by those smarter in their particular areas than the leader themselves.

A great leader will value their employees opinions in making decisions and feedback is critical to success and making the right decisions.

Providing feedback can be difficult. We aren't born with the skill but we develop and hone it over time. Practice makes perfect and you need to practice it to successfully lead.

Instill these qualities in your employees as well to better help the organization and help them succeed.

Pro Tips

  • Speak for yourself. Don't speak on behalf of the team. These are your opinions, own them.
  • Show respect and always remain calm. Yelling rarely helps things. It just puts them on the defensive
  • Provide examples of the actual situation with details and be specific. Don't generalize as this isn't as effective.

Feedback done effectively:

When should you give feedback?

Waiting until review time is too late. You should be giving feedback on a continuous basis throughout the quarter and the year.

You should also talk with colleagues to request feedback from other sources to gain insight into the performance and behaviors of your employees.

This doesn't need to a be formal process. A quick conversation or email will suffice.

Ideas for when feedback makes sense

Providing feedback in a timely manner is extremely important. Make time for it. Set a reminder if you need to.

Various types of feedback

The do's and don'ts of providing feedback