Tips for performing your employee assessment and employee reviews

The quarterly and end of year discussions should be a culmination of discussions you have had with your employees on a periodic basis. You are creating a summary of all of your interactions over the last period of time. It is imperative to have consistent messaging throughout the year to avoid any surprises.

If the employee is surprised by your assessment, you have failed them by not providing continuous and appropriate feedback. The year end assessments should reflect all of the verbal and written communications you have had throughout the year.

Pro Tips

  • Honesty is the best policy. You are not doing your employees a favor by being anything less than 100% honest. The employees need positive and critical feedback in order to properly improve. It is up to you to set and raise the expectations of your staff. If you don' set the bar, how do they don't what to strive for?
  • Be Consistent. Your assessment needs to reflect your discussions over the last quarter or year
  • Everyone shouldn't get an average rating. You need to maintain a high standard of performance and differentiation is key.

Perform the Employee Assessment

Be Prepared by preparing

Ensure you have a comfortable and safe environment

Set an agenda

Be Prepared to talk

Documentation and Feedback

Rating properly

Balance the conversation

Be Prepared to handle the exchange

Make sure you both understand each part of the evaluation

Just the facts

It isn't personal

This is hard time in any leaders job. It's hard to be critical yet fair. Make sure you are. Our system helps you be more consistent by utilizing clear topics and questions with the ability to enter personal adjustments.