Checking in with your employees

In order to achieve the greatest success with your employees, you need to make time to check in with them. This seems like simple advice but it is commonly forgotten.

Your schedule gets busy, your workload piles up, and life just gets in the way. It is still important to find time, really, make time to keep in contact with your staff.

Keeping an open dialogue with your employees, colleagues and even your managers plays an important and critical role in delivering high quality work. It is also important to have ongoing conversations about your accomplishments, development and status on meeting your performance goals.

It is essential to keep these in mind to help with your development and growth as well as your companies success.

Quality check-ins help build a strong and collaborative relationship between you and your manager for your success today and in the future. So what might a check-in conversation between you and your manager cover?

In short, plan on spending about 30 minutes to discuss things, and document your experience in PrazeMe.