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"Appraise your employees and co-workers!"
Employee and Co-worker Assessments made easy!
You can also track Feedback, set and monitor Development Goals and more!

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PrazeMe is a cloud based performance management solution designed to make it easy to do standardized assessments, track coaching feedback and manage development goals. Employee reviews are an important part of setting expectations for your employees and being a good people manager. You need to assess the quality of your subordinates or co-workers in the functions of their job.

This is often a painful process and very hard to be consistent with each person you write each review for.

PrazeMe changes this. It makes it easy, with a step by step interview process about key attributes that make sense.

PrazeMe offers the following major features

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Clear and upfront pricing

  • Personal Yearly Subscription
    Great for small business owner or team lead
  • $ 5 /month/user*
  • Unlimited Assessments
  • Unlimited Feedback
  • Unlimited Development Goals
  • 5* Employees/Co-workers
  • 5 Assessment Report Styles
  • 16 Areas to Evaluate
  • Free Trial (No Credit card)
  • Pro Edition - Yearly Subscription
    Great for medium sized companies or people who need to customize their appraisals.
  • $ 8 month/user*
  • Personal Edition Features +
  • Unlimited* Employees/Co-workers
  • 16 initial Areas to Evaluate plus
  • Ability to customize all topics and questions and add your own topics and questions.
  • Have more than 10 employees? Ask us for discounts.
  • Free Trial (No Credit card)
* You can write assessments for (5 if personal, unlimited with Pro) number of subordinates, but pricing is per user. Example: If you have 5 employees and you are the only one using PrazeMe, you only need one license. If your employees want to write assessments as well or access the system, each of them would also need a license. Basically, each person needs a license to login and do anything. Questions, just reach out to us.


PrazeMe was created to fulfill a need.

How to be more efficient managing our employees?

How to do a fair a consistent employee appraisal?

PrazeMe is designed for the small and medium sized business, or the people manager that is left on their own to do assessments and performance management.

Assessments are labor intensive and it can be difficult to be comprehensive and consistent. Managing your employees is challenging. We are bringing together the important people manager tasks and trying to simplify them.

PrazeMe was started 10 years ago as a desktop product that only did appraisals. It has been completely redesigned as we brought it to the cloud and we are adding features on a monthly basis to add value to our users.

Now you can do standardized assessments/appraisals of your personnel/employees/co-workers in an easy to follow, interview based manner without the guess work of what to say. You can track your feedback and set goals for your people.

We care and have a passion for making the best!

Click here to to contact us with any praise or comments or suggestions.

We hope you find this a useful tool in your arsenal of time-saving programs.

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