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Do you manage people? Need to assess your employees? We make it easy.
Interview based assessment makes doing employee appraisals as simple as point and click.

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We have built an easy to use platform for people managers. It's hard enough to manage people, so let us help you make it easier.
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Why PrazeMe is the best solution for you

Imagine being able to conduct your employee assessments in minutes and producing repeatable and high quality reports.

Imagine no longer, it is a reality. Born out of the need to conduct periodic evaluations for our employees we realized how hard it was to determine what to say or even what to evaluate. We made it an interview based assessment process simplifying the entire operation so you can concentrate on what matters, and leave the rest to us.

Our features

We don't just allow you to do awesome employee appraisals. We allow you to do so much more.


Simple and intuitive interview based employee assessments


You pick what topics to assess. You control what matters.


After you conduct the interview, you can decide what format you like for the deliverable. Memo? Scored? You decide.


Hold yourself and your employees accountable for positive and negative actions by tracking them routinely.


Record all of your interactions whether positive, negative or just informational

Goal Management

You set goals for your employees, now you can track their progress.


We allow you to attach documents to your employee profile to record extra information however you choose.


We provide built-in reports to help you manage your organization.

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How it works

Employee assessments all start with you selecting the areas you want to assess. We have built-in support for 16 topics with a total of 80 different questions to choose from with 400 responses. Of course, with a pro edition you can always make your own library specifically for your organization.

  • Firstly you choose the name for your interview
  • Choose the topics to assess
  • Answer the questions for each topic
  • Decide if you want to enter strengths, weaknesses
  • Pick your report style and you are done.
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PrazeMe allows you to assess your employees easily but we also allow you to do to a lot more with your people.

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We support desktop and mobile devices so no matter where you are, you can get your work done. On the train or at your desk, our platform works wherever you are at.

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